Voyager Dock can fit most decking. We prefer to use the best. 99% of Voyager Dock customers agree. We recommend two decking options:

Titan Deck and Aluminum Decking


Titan deck

Titan Deck comes in four different board styles and easy to install panels, decide for yourself which fits you best:


Our most popular board, the classic style was Titan Deck's original board. The Classic design is for those that prefer to keep it simple. The traditionalist who just loves a good looking dock.

Classic Boards.jpg


The X-Series is for the boater who prefers a more modern design. With its X shape built into the boards this design is quickly gaining popularity. Offering the same features as our Classic boards, the X-Series design is for the consumer that wants your neighbors to take notice.

X -series Boards.jpg

Open X-Series

The Open X-Series is the X-Series design with more open area, 47% to be exact. Open X-Series boards are used mostly by consumers in regions where there are government regulations on open area or that have strong winds, waves, high water or storm surges. Although with its modern design we are finding more consumers who choose Open X-Series for its sleek style.

X Oblique.jpg


After requests from customers, that loved the look of wood docks but hated the maintenance of wood, the Wood-Grain style board was created. The Wood-Grain board style is great for customers that prefer a more wood style dock or who need ADA compliance.

Wood Oblique.jpg


Aluminum decking

Voyager's Aluminum comes in a variety of colors. Our Wood-Grain Aluminum offers a realistic wood look.

Wood-Grain Aluminum

For those who prefer the look of real wood. Wood-Grain Aluminum offers an alternative to those who want a more traditional looking dock but don't want to hassle with the yearly maintenance.