voyager Marine Accessories

Easy to attach. Easy to remove. The only way to make Voyager Docks even better.

Voyager Docks are easy to install so their accessories have to be as well. All Voyager Dock's accessories are of the highest quality so they will last as long as your dock does and are specifically made for Voyager Dock to enhance them and make them even better. Just like our docks we designed Voyager Marine  accessories to be stylish, easy to care for, clean and maintain.

Seating and Tables

Woodgrain Bench.jpgtable.jpg220-Masked.jpg

                      Wood-grain Bench                                                            Table                                                         Homecrest Chair with Pedestal

Ladders and Stairs

Ladder.jpg                 6stepmasked.jpg                        10 step articulating.jpg

                            3 Step Ladder                                                         Universal Stairs                                                        Articulating Steps


        2632.jpg                            verticalbumper.jpg                        247-Masked.jpg

                               Corner Bumper                                              Vertical Bumper                                                      Horizontal Bumper

Accessory Holder

              1552.jpgfishing rod holder.jpgCanoe Rack.jpgFlag Pole Holder2.jpg

                       Fishing Rod Storage Mount                  Fishing Pole Holder                Canoe Rack with Hold Down                     Flag Pole Holder

Dock Essentials

DeepwaterCross Brace.jpgFoot.jpgWheel Kits.jpg   Dock Clamp.jpg

         Standing Dock Deep Water Kit                                 Voyager Foot Pad                               Roll-In Deep Water Kit                      Rapid Link Bracket

Decking Extensions


                                         Boat Lift Step                                                   Articulating Hinge                                    60 Degree Corner

Miscellaneous Accessories

Ring.jpgHand Rail.jpgSolar Light.jpgHitch.jpg

                Mooring Ring                                               Handrail Kit                                           Solar Light                                                    Tow Hitch