Easily Change Configurations

Customize your residential or commercial with Voyager Dock's lightweight and modular dock sections. Our design allows for easy assembly and reconfiguration.

Solid extruded dock sides

Residential and commercial docks are easy to clean and stay weed free without hassle because of our solid dock side design.

Custom extruded corner

Voyager Dock's custom extruded corner provides a sturdy frame for residential or commercial docks that are built to last.

Side Rail Pockets

Voyager Dock custom side rails with pocket add strength and functionality to your dock. For residential and commercial docks, this design allows for easy accessory attachment.

Clean Look

Choose Voyager Dock for a stylish dock for either residential or commercial use. Our design includes below deck poles, aesthetically pleasing solid dock sides and safely placed bolts, tie-offs and welds.

All the dock accessories you will need

Voyager Dock offers stylish, low- maintenance accessories for residential lake docks and commercial docks. Enhance your dock’s functionality and aesthetic with Voyager Dock accessories.

Titan Decking

Voyager Dock comes exclusively with Titan Decking, a low maintenance, barefoot approved, and UV protected decking for docks. For residential or commercial docks, Titan Deck brings high quality, durable decking to our docks.