Paddle Board Rack

Take your paddle board off the dock and onto our Paddle Board Rack. Designed to hold your paddle board in place, this Paddle Board Rack is reliable for years to come. (VM-295)

Canoe Rack

Store your canoe with our Canoe Rack. This sturdy and easy to install Canoe Rack can hold most canoe sizes, providing a space-saving solution for docks with limited space. (VM-042 B)

Fishing Rod Holder

Designed to securely hold your fishing rod in place, this Fishing Rod Holder can withstand the elements for years to come. (VM-195)

Fishing Rod Storage Mount

Keep your fishing rods organized and within reach with our Fishing Rod Storage Mount. This convenient and easy to install Fishing Rod Storage Mount can hold up to four fishing rods, protecting them from damage and keeping them easily accessible. (VM-196)

Tandem Kayak Rack

Get your kayaks off the dock and onto our Tandem Kayak Rack. This sturdy and easy to use rack is designed to store two kayaks in a compact space, freeing up valuable dock space. (VM-222 B)

Plant Hanger

Bring life to your dock with our Plant Hanger that allows you to display your favorite plants in a beautiful and convenient way. (VM-114)

Flag Pole Holder

Fly your flag with pride using our Flagpole Holder. This durable and easy to install Flagpole holder is designed to securely hold your flagpole in place, even on windy days. (VM-041 B)